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My creations!

It has been a while since I posted, but I finally have batteries in my camera so I thought I would share some of my recent knitteds.

Here is a hat that I am finishing up today:
It is from a pattern that Soulemama created over on her blog. I love this pattern. This is my second hat that I have knit from it (both for myself)

Then we have my mittens frenzy.

These here are for my dh, W, whose hands were getting frozen outside at work. The picture’s lighting isn’t the best, they aren’t as dark as they appear.

Then I knit up some mittens and a matching hat for my ds, R. The mittens look a lot darker because they are…he likes to pick up everything when we go on our walks, and his hats usually end up in my pocket and he will only keep it on for about 2minutes . But, mittens, he loves! He will keep them on the whole time!

Then, I have a mitten on my needles that I started for myself about a week ago, but I have been busy knitting other stuff, and they have gone on the back burner. It is 100% baby alpaca wool. I am knitting with 3 balls together because I didn’t want to have to use teeny-tiny needles. Those are size 6 needles that you see. It is so soft!!!

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  1. AWESOME! I think it’s great that you have just dove right in to the hard stuff. Everything looks wonderful and you have pictures!!

  2. Wow I am sooo impressed! You really just started??? Wow. You are my hero! *wink*


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