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Knitting block

My hands have been itching to knit. It has been about 1 week since I have had anything on the needles. But, I am waiting for my yarn to arrive. I have bits of yarn, here and there, but I am aching to learn to knit socks, I have never done it yet. A good majority of my yarn order is sock yarn…so I wait.
I have cast on a few times for some leg warmers for R., but it just doesn’t feel right, I keep messing up the cast on, and then I had the measurement off, so I frogged the result.

I think tonight I am going to find the perfect bag pattern for my green yarn below. But, that leads me to my next problem. I don’t have a very wise selection of knitting needles yet. They are expensive, so I am slowly building up my collection. I have the following: #3 16″ circular, #5 straight needles, #6 dpn, #7 16″ and 29″ circulars, #8 straight needles, #11 36″ circular, #15 straight needles. That is it. I really like circular needles and dpn. I love the idea of seamless knitting! So, on ebay I found a vintage Boye knitting kit that has interchangable circular knitting needles!! It has size #6-15 needles with 3 or 4 different sized cables. With shipping, it only cost about $20. I haven’t received it in the mail yet, so I am waiting very patiently. They are aluminum needles, not my favorites (I love bamboo!!), but they will work just fine for now.

I can’t wait!

Since we are on the topic of waiting for stuff to arrive in the mail, the other thing that I am waiting on is my first ever sphygmomanometer!! I bought it new off of ebay. It is a palm style, which I think I will like better. I am so excited about it! I am thinking about knitting up a carrying case (but felting it first).

So, mail-lady, please bring my yarn, needles, and sphygmomanometer tomorrow. 🙂


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