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living in box-land for now

Well, the count down is on. We move in 4 days. I am about 2/3 done packing up the house. Whew!! I would share pictures, but I think I already packed up the cord to download pics.

I didn’t mention that I DID receive my yarn, needles, and bp cuff…all on the same day! I will share pictures of the yarn and my cool new needles set after I get moved and settled in. It was very, very exciting. 🙂 I cast on for this bag and am 1/2 way done with it, but am very displeased with the colors I choose. They are all beautiful colors individually, but NOT together. I will continue it though as I can still use the bag for something, and it will give me more expereice felting to finish it up. I thought about not sharing a picture of it, because to me, it is plain UGLY…but I will. Again, as soon as I move.

I am very excited about moving, though I will share that I am equally nervous. Our family is entering into a new phase of our life, and our routines will change soon, as I will be busy with my apprenticeship. I am sure that everybody will transition just fine, but regardless, I am still nervous. We will be fine though, I am sure if that.

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