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Moving pains

Sometimes I am upset that we moved here. Like today, for example. Personally, I consider access to the library about as much of a human right as free speech. I have been waiting dutifully for my proof of address in the mail so I could go down to the library and get a new library card. Well, as it turns out, technically we live outside of city limits (though we are still very much in the city), so we don’t qualify for a regular library card. All we can get is a “basic” card which allows me to check out 1 item at a time. If I want a real library card, it is $60/per year. Ouch!

The library is central to our family. We don’t have TV. We *like* to read. It isn’t uncommon for us to go to the library once or twice a week, and each visit haul back home 10-12 books. Sure, I may not read every page of every book, but I read parts of each book, sometimes the whole book if it is a good one.

I was almost in tears as I walked away from the information desk at the library. It felt like I had just been told that I couldn’t get water service to our house. Yes, it is that essential to our family!

It really is sad. We live in the state capitol. I think that it is a big statement about the state’s priorities that not all residents of the capitol can have free access to books. I keep thinking about all the people in my neighborhood who are without a library card if they can’t afford to pay $60.

I did ask if there was a library for our area. No. Of course not. 😦 I wanted to ask the lady, “Well, what exactly are we expected to do?” But I know it isn’t her fault, she doesn’t make the decisions. We do pay city taxes though, so I have to find some numbers of who to call and make a formal complaint. It may not do anything, but it is the least I can do.


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  1. Oh Lennon:( I am so sorry. When I first moved to Oregon I noticed that not everyone had access to a library, that it was a city thing, not a county thing like back east. It got me So Very Angry. There is a volunteer organization somewhere around here that is libraries for everyone, or something. I signed up for their newsletter a while back, if I had time I would volunteer with them too. LOL
    It is ridiculous!!!


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