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I have been falling behind big time with housecleaning. Not that anybody minds with the exception of ME!! When the house starts getting cluttered and messy, I am short-tempered and can’t think clearly. Odd, I know. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, my plans to be gone all day today got cancelled last night, and I spent the day doing a bit of spring cleaning. Spring!! I am so so happy to welcome Spring!

Our house that we live in is a rental, and has the most horrible carpet. Eeww!!! I almost can’t even stand walking on it barefoot, but I am particular about my feet. Anyways, it has (what looks like) a pretty nice wood floor underneath, and I have been trying to get W to talk the owners into letting us tear out the carpet (at least the worst of it). The owners are worried that we may not like the wood floor once we have the carpet out. The only thing I can think about is that maybe the floor has a horrible stain that is hiding…but even then, I would rather just throw a rug over it then have this carpet! It has been cleaned, so that didn’t help it much at all. I don’t even like R to sit on it while he plays. Now that the weather is warming up, I am ready to do some “carpet-pulling”, let me tell you!

As we speak, I have a batch of (vegan) Carob Brownies in the oven….mmmmmm, I can’t wait to taste them! They are from the Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook, one of my all-time favorite cookbook!!! R. is longing to go to the park right now, but I am exhausted and it is almost dinner time so he will have to wait for tomorrow. I will be gone for most of tomorrow to a friend’s baby shower so R will get to spend the day with his Dad, brother and Grandma. He will have LOTS of outside time with them tomorrow, they may even head out to the state park and run around, the weather looks so nice!

We have a first time mama who is a week past her “due” date. She said she had some serious contractions and bloody show last night, so it may be tonight or the next!

I have to get busy tonight finishing up the soakers for my friend so it will be ready for her shower tomorrow. I am almost done, only need about another inch or 2 on the legs (I decided to make them pants) and then a drawstring.


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  1. I can tell you first hand what a big job tearing out old carpet (all those staples!) is and refinishing a wood floor! Be sure you get compensated for this work, you’d be doing hundreds of dollars worth of work and I don’t want to see renters do this without something in return. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I just a copy of that Cathe’s cookbook! I love it!

    Good luck with the carpet. I hate ours, too, it’s soooo nasty. We keep going back and forth about whether to get rid of it. So, I’ll be interested in what you do.

    (I’m on the MDC ring, but usually don’t make it this far due to ring goof-ups.)


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