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Catching my breath

Wow, has it been a busy week, or what? Lots of babies, lots of postpartum visits, lots of pregnant mamas! It is fabulous, though, really! I am glad to have a day finally to catch up on things around the house and to maybe get to some projects that I have been wanting to start.

I finished the soakers, and totally spaced on taking a picture of them before I gave them to my friend! They were very cute, though. I made an I-cord for the drawstring. I can now get back to work on my socks, which have been very patiently waiting. I really want to figure out a simple pattern to make a little bag (felted) for my doppler. I am still trying to figure out the whole ‘felting’ thing, as far as how much to expect something to shrink, etc. I think it is time for some experimenting.

The sun is shining beautifully today…HORRAY!!! Our baby tomato and bell pepper seeds are starting to poke through the dirt in the kitchen window. I need to get outside and plant some more seeds. Nothing fancy, though, as we don’t really have a garden here. We could rip out some grass, but I think that will wait for next summer, and in the mean time, we will plant in the perimeter where there is bare dirt. I have a bunch of flower seeds, and some salad mix seeds. We will see how they do.


Well, I started this post last night, and never got a chance to finish it. That happens a lot for me! 🙂 I think today will be spent digging in the dirt a little and walking around downtown, getting to know our new city a little better. I am anxiously awaiting my moon to show up, anyday now. I have always been one to celebrate my moon arriving. Well, not ALWAYS! But, for the last 7 or years now. I can’t know for sure, but I personally think that the combination of ditching the disposable menstrual products for cloth pads (and a keeper now) along with embracing my cycle (not dreading it or complaining about it) have eliminated my cramps. The only time I have any physical discomfort during my moon now is when I am over-extending myself, and not taking it easy. But, as soon as I become more mind-full and draw my attention back inside of myself, the “pain” disappears. So, for now, my mantra is, “let it flow”, patiently waiting.


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  1. Jane_hates_Dick

    Hi, this is Jane from noschooltoday. I’m so glad you left a comment, I’m enjoying reading your blog. I see that your an apprentice, too, so I thought maybe you’d also be interested in the blog I devote to my midwifery pursuits.

  2. scarlet flowers, red lips and bright red apples…


  3. Vegan Knitting

    I, too, use reusable menstrual pads thanks to learning about them on MDC and I’m so happy about it. I, too, find that I look forward to feeling those cramps. I think it has to do with knowing more about my body and feeling in control and nothing beats using the little dinosaurs on my pads!


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