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First up is some catch up on my knitting. The last few weeks I haven’t had much desire to be knitting at all. But, I suddenly have new vigor and have been quite busy with it the last few days. The sock that I started about a month ago…well, it still isn’t quite done, but I have turned the heel and am making progress on the foot now! YAY! Hmm…I wonder how long it will take before I have a PAIR of socks.

For mother’s day, my mom gifted me with 4 balls of yarn. It is 100% Hungarian hemp fiber. 2 balls were a dk weight and 2 a worsted weight. They are both blue, though 2 slightly different shades. I hadn’t mentioned to her that I had been wanting to get some hemp yarn, but I was very excited that she gave them to me. I have been wanting to make a bath washcloth for some time, and the one that we currently have (that is nearly 5 years old!) is made from hemp and is the most wonderful thing!

So, when I saw the yarn, I knew I had some washcloths to make. Then, I just came across the Knitty pattern Branching Out, and instantly thought: That would be a great pattern for a pretty washcloth!!

So, here you go! I started this late last night, and am almost done.

I am really enjoying the pattern too.

During my short hiatus from knitting, I was busy making curtains. Our new house has lots of windows, but only those basic pull-up shades. Those don’t do much for personality of the house, so I am slowly starting to make curtains for the house. First up was the living room. We have 2 big windows that are almost as tall as the walls they are in. I used a total of 9 yards of fabric, making 4 big panels. I still need to make the ties for the curtains so we don’t have to pull the curtains to the side everyday to let the light in.

On Monday (was that just yesterday? Wow, it seems like days ago already!), R and I trekked up to our local state park. It is about 15 minutes from us. The weather was SO SO SO hot and I figured it would be nicer under the shade of a tree than cooped up in our house. I gathered up some food, and we had a nice picnic under a hazelnut tree. We didn’t hike very far at all into the park (it was too hot for walking!!), but we had the whole place to ourselves just about. It was glorious! We are going to try to go back again Thursday morning before my busy afternoon of prenatals.

Here are some pictures, some taken by me, others taken by R.


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  1. that pic of R is so so cute! what a grin! your picnic sounds lovely, and i love that washcloth! hemp lasts forever!

  2. Arlo liked seeng his buddy.


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