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Being content

I struggle frequently with being happy where we live. Not the city, but the actual living space. We live on a very high-traffic street, about 1 block from a heavily commercial area (including a huge mall). The constant noise (of cars) just grates on my nerves. I actually avoid opening up windows because the noise is so much worse. Thankfully, our bedroom is positioned in a way so that we only hear the sirens of firetrucks and police, but not of the constant flow of cars. Our neighborhood is not at all conductive to walking for leisure, something I really enjoy.

This is part of why we left southern California! 😦

The obvious question is why don’t we move. Eventually, we will. Right now, I spend some time each day reminding myself of the blessing we have with our current home. My dh is an apartment manager, and the house we live in is adjacent to the buildings he manages. We have free rent. He essentially works from home. He has a very flexible schedule. We don’t have to live in an apartment. River doesn’t have to go to childcare when I am at work. I never have to worry about childcare even when I am at a long birth. All of these things are HUGE!

I have just been daydreaming of where we will move when we do. We have decided that as soon as I can start taking my own clients and start having some income, we will explore where to move. We won’t be moving far, but I guarantee you it will be a quiet street with lots of trees around, in a neighborhood that is great for evening walks. We will have a big vegetable garden, and actually enjoy relaxing outside in the quietness.

For now, I am working on being content. I know that I have so much to be grateful for, and I am so grateful to the universe for always providing for us, one way or another.

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