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Fleas and laundromats

Our poor cat, Athena, is full of fleas. 😦 She has quite a bit of white on her, so we can even see the fleas crawling around. She has looked like such an unhappy cat, lately. I would be if I were her, that is for sure! I tried a natural flea treatment that I found in the store, made of essential oils. I tried 2 rounds of it, to give it time to work. Nothing. In fact, it seems to have gotten worse. I seriously detest using the chemical flea treatment, but I felt like I had no choice. We were finding fleas all over the house, even with our wood floors throughout. They seem to especially enjoy Walter’s blood. They never seem to bite me. So gross, though.

So, today, I finally went and bought the chemical stuff. It is times like these that I ponder making her an inside cat again, but I think she would become seriously depressed. She just loves to roll in the dirt outside so very much, and nap in the sun on the concrete where it is nice and hot.

I still don’t feel particularly good about using that junk, but it is what it is.

We also took a trip to the laundromat to wash our big king-size comforter. It has been sitting in a pile since summer started, waiting for me to go and wash it, but I kept putting it off, thinking it was too hot to need it anyways. Well, last night was the first night that I actually felt was pretty chilly. Not enough to warrant turning on the heater or anything, but it is time to get our nice and warm blanket ready to go. So, we headed out to find a super big washing machine. $4.00 per load in the commercial washers! I had no idea! I just barely had enough quarters to start the wash, and then had to run home to get a few more for the dryer. River had fun hanging out in the laundromat, though. There were 2 toddlers, maybe 18 months old or so, there with their moms, and it was so mind boggling to me to sit back and really see what a BIG kid River has become. And, he will only get bigger! He really amazes me everyday. Days like today, I can really feel my uterus aching for another baby.


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  1. I hate fleas too. And being that we have all these animals, well…this natural Mama uses the death stuff too. Cause it works! I hate it too…Oregon fleas are aliens!! lol


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