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We have had a busy couple of days, and I haven’t had a chance until now to sit and update…and the only reason I am doing so, is because I am really too excited to sleep right now. My Russian sister finally wrote me back tonight! I would love to post their picture, but I should ask for permission first. But, wow! I can’t believe it! This is huge deal in my life…I cannot wait until I can go and visit.

Aside from that life-changing news….River and I went to the beach a few days ago. It was so fun! Of course, it got gray and cold about 10 miles from the beach, but that is ok. It is Oregon after all. The sun poked out her head a few times while we played in the little River that ran into the ocean.

I finally got my camera cord. Well, I guess I should say that I know have two! I bought a replacement for the missing one earlier this week. Of course, the day after, I found the original one under a pile of papers waiting to be filed. Ah, yes. My life is like that. Now I have 2, though.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt a ‘day in the life’ photo journal. It won’t be packed full of photos, but I want a few to make up for the lack of things to look at on this blog lately.

Just to break the dry spell, here are 2 photos…..

What is directly in front of me right now:

And, directly to my left:

(he fell asleep on the floor (finally!) and I don’t want to disturb him until I go to sleep, which is any moment).

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