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crossing the river

Today was a fine day for an adventure. A ferry adventure! 🙂

River and I headed over to the state park to enjoy this lovely day, and on the way, I noticed signs for the small cable ferry that run across the Willamette river. We decided to head over there and take a ride, just for fun. It was great!

We are watching the cars unload, waiting for our turn to get on.

Oregon is so beautiful!

We are on board here, as pedestrians. River didn’t want to drive on because he thought our car might fall of the ferry. I enjoyed walking on, though. We could enjoy the breeze and get a better view of the water.

After one round trip across the river and back, we headed to the state park, as planned. Squirrel heaven, let me just tell you. 🙂 They are everywhere, all over. Here is a little pile we gathered for a cute picture (which River took):
Don’t they look pretty magical?

Of course, River insisted on bringing his balls. Here is the obligatory soccer picture:

Before we headed home, we had to go ride the ferry a few more times. In all, we took 3 round trips on foot. While there is a part of me that is very nervous being on such a (heavy) boat over water, knowing it isn’t too deep made it a bit better. I love bodies of water so, so much, but I also have an intense dread of somehow falling in and drowning. I used to go swimming int he ocean frequently as a teenager. When I was 16, I got caught in the undercurrent, though, and for a minute, I felt like I was drowning until someone managed to get to me and I held on to their boogie board. I still carry that choking fear, I guess. At this point, the thought of being on a boat on the ocean (or any deep body of water) makes my physically ache with dread. Flowing water has always been somewhat of a fascination for me, its purpose and power. Everyone recognizes the power of fire. But, I don’t think that water is universally seen as something that has such a strong force. It is vital for life, but it can sweep life away in one small swoop. Let us not forget that it is water that calms the fire.

Ok, back to the present. Here are a few more pictures. The last one is of some canoes we saw that passed by us. There were about 5 or 6 of them. I didn’t think of taking a picture until they were rather far away.


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  1. Fun! What a handsome young lad you’ve got there.

  2. wow that looks like a lot of fun!


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