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Tomorrow, I get to bring River to the dentist, so that he can have an abscessed tooth pulled. I thought we were all done with this chapter of his youth.

One of his baby molar’s which has a stainless steel cap (he has a total of 4 caps) has become infected. Yesterday, I noticed that there was a nasty red blister on the gum directly above his tooth. 😦 I have been watching his gums, to make sure everything looked healthy. So, I know it only recently developed. He cries and cries when I touch even the surrounding area. I have noticed today that he only puts food on the opposite side of his mouth. My sweet little boy.

It will be a quick procedure. That is the only thing that brings me comfort in regards to tomorrow. I am not looking forward to the tears. I am very anxious for tomorrow evening to come, because all of this will be behind us.

All night, he has been asking if he is going to the dentist, saying he never wants to go to the dentist again, “not ever!”. I don’t want to lie to him so have been trying to talk to him about why we need to go, but that just results in crying marathons. Oh, why is this so hard? I feel strongly that he will understand when he is older, but it is still hard to see in his eyes a look that says, ‘help me!”.

I am going to have to pull up enough strength to be calm tomorrow. I know that having me in hysterics won’t help anything.



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  1. *big hugs* for you and River too-thinking about you today!

  2. This too shall pass. Be strong Mama, it’s hard for us I know.

  3. ryc: pho hung has some veg dishes, be forewarned there aren’t a huge amount but i am dying to try the stuffed tofu wraps next-i have to try that place next, 84th and division is just down the road from me!


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