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Here I am!

I’m back, after a few days of silence. The last few days have been busy ones!

So, just a quick update on the teeth front. We went on Friday, River let them take 2 x-rays (with no tears or crying!). The x-rays showed NO decay or abscess. ???? Before we got the x-rays, the dentist said it did indeed look like an abscess. So, for now, we are just waiting and watching it. He of course wanted me to give him a round of antibiotics, but I told him that I would prefer to use them only if a true infection develops. River has never had antibiotics before, and I honestly want to reserve their use for serious conditions….not ‘just in case’. But, I am thrilled that he still has that tooth in his mouth, and it looks like it is fine. We will go back next month for another check on it.

Parenting has been challenging lately. I admit that the thought of earplugs is very appealing. 😦 River is constantly either crying or demanding or yelling (or talking). I don’t mind the talking, but all the rest really get on my nerves. I think that most people who meet River can’t imagine him screaming and crying all the time (in anger). lol! He is rather subdued and on the shy side in public. But, not at home! I know we will get through it. I know that my attitude towards him affects it a lot, too. When I am having a high-stressed day, I don’t have as much patience with him, and his behaviors that day really reflect that.

Tomorrow, we meet with Walter’s immigration attorney. His citizenship appointment is less than one month away! I am trying not to think about it too much, because I don’t want to think about the possibility that he could be denied. I have no idea what we would do, but life would go on. Probably in Peru, but it would go on. lol!

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  1. You know, Arlo just came through the yelling phase, not so much crying. I don’t put alot into it because I know that they all do it. There is a major jump that happens at this age. All my kids did this. I’m happy to say that Arlo is on the other side of it now.

    I’m happy for you guys on the tooth front!


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