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a blustery fall day

We have some serious wind going on here. I was up late last night, and the rain was just pouring down. I just love listening to the sound of rain. When we awoke this morning, we found a few potted plants tipped over in the backyard and the trees were dancing wild in the wind.

It isn’t nearly as cold as it looks out, but on windy days, I much prefer to be snuggled up in a warm blanket and knitting or reading. I love the winter, the cold, the rain….but I am not a fan of wind. Maybe part of it stems from my years of wearing contact lenses. I did all I could to avoid the wind in those days. All it took was a tiny piece of dust to get into my eye, and it felt like someone was stabbing my eye with a sharp pair of scissors. Not fun. Oh, I so don’t miss contacts. I am very content with my glasses.

River has been striving to teach me even more life lessons, I assume. It seems like the closer he gets to his third birthday, the more challenging parenting is day to day. He is amazing and brilliant and kind…..but there are days when I want to run away. That is a dramatic statement, and all I can add to that is that I know it is just passing, and each day, he changes and I change. Thankfully. 🙂

I hope to go get us out to a pumpkin patch in the next few days. I promise I will share pictures.


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  1. i love it when it is windy, it makes me feel wild and free. although if i would have had an experience like you did i am not sure sure i would still love it LOL Salila is very stubborn lately, a bit of the way into 4. i don’t have any real advice to give, but the good moments, and there are many, treasure them, as i know you do. it makes it easier during the hard moments!

  2. You girls up north had more rain than I.


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