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An ocean of words

Today, amidst my own internal struggles with dental issues, antibiotics, and so on, I realized that I need to write about our journey with all of it. As a breastfeeding mother of an almost 4 year old who has lots of dental hurdles, I feel pretty alone when it comes to knowing others have been here and survived.

Tonight, as I watch my sweet boy sleeping while the antibiotics begin to enter his bloodstream, I am going to begin writing about it, starting from the very beginning. I’m not sure if I will keep it to myself, in my journal to River’s adult-self, or if I will submit it to a magazine so others will feel a little less alone. I just know that I need to write about it, I need to honor and witness the beginning of my lessons as a parent.

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  1. I was at the dentist today and I have to be back again next week. I have 5 kids, dentists are such a regular thing for me. And 2 parents too.

    For me today, the painful part was not the tiny filling Olivia had with no anethetic. It was the hour wait!


    I have my struggles…you know mine. Ugh! Feel free to share yours too. It really helps.


  2. it really helps me to read about other moms struggles, and to rejoice in small, or big happinesses! we have our share of dental visits too! and gearing up for more soon.


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