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Most nights, I think of things that I want to blog about, and then before I know it, I am crashed out in bed, asleep…..nothing typed.

So, here is a very mixed update.

On Thursday, River had a molar pulled. It was indeed abscessed, the infection just hadn’t showed up on the xray last month. After a scary night with a HUGE pus-filled blister on his gum and his cheek like a chipmunk, I very reluctantly filled the prescription for antibiotics that I was given last month. I am grateful that we have drugs like antibiotics, but I myself haven’t had them in well over 15 years….so it was hard to dose up my boy three times a day. I tried my best to find it free of dye and aspartame, but the closed compounding pharmacy that would do it for me was in New Jersey, and I wouldn’t be able to get it for 5 days. So, I caved and decided that my boy needed the penicillin more than he DIDN’T need all of that additive crap.

Long story short…..he had the tooth pulled, and a spacer put in, and he did absolutely amazing! With nitrous oxide, a lidocaine shot and his mama as a chair, he didn’t cry once and his entire body was even totally limp during the whole procedure! Our kids can amaze us in ways we can’t even imagine sometimes.


River told me the other day that he is scared of dieing. The topic came up out of nowhere and he said it pretty matter-of-factly. We have never really tried to hide the reality of death, but I try to not make it seem like a scary or frightening thing…..but really, I think there is something inherent in our nature (or our culture??) that fears death. I told him that even after we leave our bodies behind, we will still get to be together. He then asked if I’d still have my milkies. Hmm. I don’t know how I’m going to work that one out. haha!


This morning, as we were getting ready to trek up to Portland for a Trader Joe’s stop, we learned that someone had thrown a rock through our rear windshield at some point last night. What a pleasant mess that was….

Can you see the size of that rock???

Walter suspects that it is one of two tenants whom he served eviction notices to just the other day. He said that he is honestly surprised that it took this long for something like this to happen. It is a hard balance as an apartment manager. Sometimes, you do end up being that bad guy. His employers of course said that they will cover the costs, as our insurance deductible will need to be paid first. The glass was everywhere, it seemed. Everywhere!


Once we managed to get a car rental, we decided to stick with our Portland plans. We headed up to Portland, stopped in at Ikea, and then went grocery shopping on the way home. At Ikea, I got a MUCH needed desk ($90), a cool play tent for River ($10), wooden kids table and 2 chair set ($20), a funky full length mirror ($10), and a runner rug for our bedroom ($15). It is always so busy there. I’m glad to be home, home, home. My favorite part of Ikea is probably the part that bothers most people: that assembly. I love putting things together, and so I totally enjoyed myself just a minute ago while I was putting together River’s table and chairs.


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  1. Eek about the rock through the car. That is actually a pretty rock. Glad everyone is okay. Also glad River did so well through his dental ordeal. Amazing. You are such a wonderful mama, it really helps him be calm.


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