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Autumn Goodness

I am just loving the season change. It is just tremendous! The rain, the leaves, the sweaters, the root vegetables……I love it!!

Here is a picture back from Halloween that I had meant to post and never got around to. (River is dancing).

Things have been quite lately. We had a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving. A sweet baby boy was born early in the morning, and I came home, caught a few hours of sleep, and then got busy cooking up some yummy food. My mom and sister joined River and I (as Walter was out of town visiting his siblings). It was sweet. Then they went home, and River and I were in bed by 8pm. I was just exhausted!

I feel very introverted right now. So much to think about. The very precious time that we have on this earth. What really matters in the end. Sometimes I find myself being the mother to River that I don’t want to act like. It frightens me. Those moments serve to wake me up and remember what is important.

Speaking of what is important, I have been really fantasizing about simplifying my life. I don’t just mean in the physical sense, but in the day-to-day duties way. Too much of my time (and thoughts) are spent doing things for other people (that are not my family). By starting to really visualize what I want my life to look like this time next year, I am able to start to weed through the time-wasters in my life. It’s all a process.

But, for now, in the present, I am going to nurse my guy right now. Ah.

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  1. That’s a great picture of River dancing with the pumpkins! I know what you mean about not always being the mother you want to be… toddlerdom is not easy! Hugs to you.


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