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River woke up this morning coughing. 😦 6am, and he coughed for about 30 minutes before saying he was ready to get up, and wanted some breakfast. Walter got up with him, and I slept for a few more hours, before getting up and letting Walter have a nap.

For breakfast, I made some delicious scrambled tofu with some homemade fresh toast. Tofu, nutritional yeast, tamari, and tumeric. Simple, but good.

11:30, I left for work. Four prenatal appointments. I stopped on my way home to pick up some groceries.

Got home. River had just fallen asleep (my little guy was just so tired). I turned on Harry Potter on tape (the first one; I love listening to the books on tape) and started on dinner. I really love listening to books on tape while I cook. Homemade marinara sauce and whole wheat pasta along with salad. Our favorite dressing at the moment:

juice of 1 lime
3 T. balsamic vinegar
1 T. Braggs liquid aminos
1 clove of garlic (or more!)
1 T. flax seed oil
black pepper

And, here I am now. River and Walter are playing while I catch up on my email.


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  1. When all goes crazy in my world, it is always set right by Harry Potter books on tape. I am totally addicted!!! I could not begin to count how many times I’ve listened to them all, they calm me. Glad to know that I’m not the only grown up that likes listening to HP audio books.


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