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The fruits of our labor are in 2 big buckets in my kitchen, waiting to be washed and frozen whole, or jammed.

In 1.5 hours, Walter and I picked 20 lbs of berries: 12lb blueberries, and 8lb raspberries.  Total cost? $24.00

The first of many more trips for blueberries this year!  It’s a hot day, so we headed to the farm early this morning to avoid the heat.  There were tons of cars, and they were much busier than we remember them being last year.  It’s great!

The farm we go to is about 25 miles away from us, and they follow mostly organic practices.  They have u-pick blueberries, raspberries, black currants, black berries, marion berries, apples, pears, asian pears, figs, kiwis, pie cherries, and some veggies.  It’s the figs that I am anxious to pick this year.  I am hoping I don’t miss their harvest this time around like I did last year.

black currants on the bush

black currants on the bush. they are mostly used for jam, as they are very sour. The jam has an old european taste to it, in my opinion.

Walter and I

Walter and I

River and I

River and I

Walter and River

Walter and River

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  1. Hi!

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment today. I didn’t know you were blogging again. How nice!

  2. Hey Lennon, is this a commercial farm open to everyone? If so, can you share the name/location?


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