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Since we are getting our CSA delivery tomorrow, I realized I had better do something with the sugar snaps that we still had.

sugar snap pickles

sugar snap pickles

They’ll be ready for munching in about 2 weeks.

This week is proving to be yet another busy week. I’m looking forward to a week full of lounging around, with little to do…though I will likely then be complaining that I am bored and will be finding some way or another to keep myself busy. If I were Walter, I would just sleep. That’s what he does for fun when he has free time. I guess our house would be crazy hectic if we were both the type that always had to stay busy. Balance is important.

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  1. I like Walter’s approach 🙂

    I need to do something with my peas too. I think I’ll try a bit of pickling. Can I do this for long term storage too?

  2. risingphoenixmama

    Well, they will be good for at least 3 months in the fridge, likely longer if kept far in the back. They aren’t shelf-stable, because then they would have to be processed in a water-bath, and they would loose their crispness.

  3. Yum! I shall have to do that next year. I think the sugar snap season is over for this year. They are a household favorite. I grew them last year, and it was awesome. Tried again this year, but I moved them to a different spot and they were very unhappy. So back to the original spot next year.


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