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Random update

It has been a few days since I’ve updated this blog.

I’ve attended 2 births within a 3 day time period. Beautiful babies!!!

I’ve had 2 nights of full sleep in the last 5 days. And, I feel rested.

I’ve been working on my new website. (Don’t judge it just yet; I’m not done writing a few of the pages, and I need to fix some formatting problems, add some pictures, etc).

I made 2 pints of Russian pickled cherries, now aging in the fridge for a month.

We went blueberry picking again.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that River didn’t catch chicken pox. Oh well; we’ll try again some other time.

I began reading a new book.

I repaired our inflatable pool and this morning, scrubbed it out and began filling it. It’s going to be a HOT day today.

I’ve been thinking about my answers to MN’s meme.

I’ve been informed by River that he doesn’t just want a new brother OR sister; he wants ‘a brother AND a sister: TWINS!’ I’ll keep his request in mind.


We are headed to the library today to renew our membership. I had let it lapse, since it costs $60/year. River was still able to check out a limited number of books, I could check out ONE adult book on my card. But because trips to the library aren’t enjoyable to me when we have to limit what we can check out, I’ve avoided going for the last few months, and I miss it. I miss having stacks of books to flip through, books on tapes, and new music. So, today, I’ll be fixing the situation, and giving the library $60 in addition to whatever late fines I owe at the moment. It’s worth it.

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  1. We ALWAYS owe our library something. I can’t believe you have to pay for your card. But we tend to pay at least $60/year in late fees. Off to check out your new website. You know you’ll have lots of word of mouth advertising from me.


  2. i am needing that pickled cherry recipe…:) i hope we get to pick berries with you next week:) amazed that you feel rested after only 2 nights of sleep LOL
    and sad that you have to pay to go to the library, and so limited:( maybe we can work something out in that area…:)

  3. risingphoenixmama

    I should add that the reason we have to pay the $60 is because we live outside of city limits. The city line is across the street from us!!

  4. It sucks that you have to pay for the library. I can’t believe they haven’t moved the boundary…it just seems a bit…um, racist? Classist? Perhaps I’m too cynical.

    I’m sorry River didn’t get the pox. 😦


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