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We are a homeschooling family, most closely aligned to the unschooling philosophy.  As such, I really don’t ever initiate times when we sit down and learn about letters, numbers, etc.  It’s up to River as to when he wants to do that.  We read all the time (both us adults on our own for pleasure, as well as out loud to River), have maps up on our walls, have lots of different ‘tools’ available (paper, art supplies, toys, duct tape, etc), and involve River in our day to day activities, if he is interested.

(One of these days, I will have to devote an entire post to duct tape alone.  It holds an important place in our home.  lol.)

River plays a select number of computer games, primarily those on .  It is amazing to see how well he can navigate around on the computer all by himself now.  (There was a part of me that was resistant to letting him spend time of the computer at this age, but at this point, I feel like the new generation of kids is hard wired for all of this technology; it’s simply part of their reality.)

I’ve never actually tried to ‘teach’ him the alphabet or numbers.  If he asks about them, I will answer his questions, and if he asks me to write this or that, I will of course do that for him.

For a while now, I’ve found scraps of paper on which he has methodically written columns of letters, the same 3 or 4, over and over again.  The other day, he asked us to write down all of the letters for him.  He then taped it on the wall (with duct tape) next to his chalkboard, and started writing different letters together, asking us what words they made.  Then he asked us to tell him how to spell a few different words, and he did his best to write them out.

Yesterday morning, the very first thing he asked me after he woke up was: “How do you spell ‘nut’?”  So, I told him, and asked if he wanted me to write it down when we got out of bed.  So, about an hour later, when I remembered, I wrote it down on paper for him.  While I was doing that, he also asked me to write down the word ‘orange’.  Then he took the paper and disappeared.

About 10 minutes later, he came and got me, taking me outside to show me his words.

(sidewalk chalk)


It’s been SO hot!  Today and tomorrow will be about 100 degrees!


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  1. if you’ve not seen it already try and both are great sites and I don’t object to anything on them

  2. Wow, he did such a great job with the letters with his sidewalk chalk!!

  3. i bet Salila would love and the other links above. my mom sent me another that i can’t remember right at the moment but it was really neat too. we were somewhere the other day and S asked me what something said, learning happens all the time! i think it is neat when it happens spontaneously like that.
    his words are awesome! way to go River!!!!
    i am so glad it has cooled down…shew! it was a wee bit warm huh?


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