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Our sweet Athena

We’ve had Athena for 8 years now.  She was the first cat that Walter and I got together, back when we lived in Colorado.  She’s been through many, many moves with us in three states.  She is very delicate and graceful, and quiet, and sweet.  Not many people have the pleasure of spending time with her, as she was originally a feral cat that was caught when she was a kitten.  We adopted her from the humane society, knowing that most people wouldn’t adopt her because of her skittishness. She’s still scared of people she doesn’t intimately know.  But, for our family, she is the sweetest cat.

Today, I found her hiding in our linen closet.  She normally likes to nap in there, but today, I could tell, even in the shadow, that something was wrong.  She had been hurt.  We managed to get her in the cat carrier, and took her to the vet.  I wasn’t totally sure if she’d been in a fight, or been hit.  The vet could tell easily it had been a car.

She didn’t appear to have any bleeding except for the area around her right eye and on her nose a bit.  Her eye had been bleeding internally, and was quite swollen with blood.  They kept her for a few hours, gave her an IV with medications, and sutured up a small cut on her right hind leg.

We aren’t sure if her eye will heal.  She may end up losing sight in the eye, or may even have to have it removed.  Either way, I am so grateful that the damage wasn’t more severe.

She’s still not in the clear, as far as I am concerned.  The vet seemed to feel like she is in great shape.  But, I’m still terrified that I will wake up tomorrow to find her dead.

Here’s a picture of her tonight.

Right now, I’m learning all I can about how to transition outside cats to an indoor-only lifestyle.  I just don’t think I could handle this happening again, especially considering how much worse the damage could have been.


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  1. Poor cat! Poor you! I am so sorry that happened. I hope she feels much better in the morning. Hugs to all of you.

  2. Oh I am so sorry, and so sad. You & Athena will be in my thoughts today, I hope she pulls through-let me know her progress OK? Poor sweet baby cat:( And you all too!!
    Do you have any area (like a back patio) you could fence off? Most of ours was fenced off, also the neighbor’s fence, and we added that long (about 5-6 ft tall I think) bamboo fencing (hardware store/garden center-it is cheap) also, and they don’t try to get through it. As you know my cats were outside-inside so it was a chore when we moved here! With this little bit of outside left, they seem to be OK-we really had to watch the front door (opening and closing) for a while.

  3. oh, no! that is horrible. poor baby. i hope she gets better fast. 😦

  4. awww. poor kitty!!! i hope she heals up well! hugs to you all!


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