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She’s still alive….

So, my fear of finding her dead the next morning didn’t prove to be reality.  Athena has been healing quite nicely.  She’s not back to herself, but I don’t really know if she ever will be.

Everyday, her eye looks slightly better, and she can close it slightly more.  It’s a very sad sight to see her sleeping, as her damaged eye cannot close, and is constantly open.  The vet yesterday, at her follow-up exam, suggested we begin bathing her eye in artificial tear drops.  Oh yeah.  She really love it when I put those in her eye.  But, it does seem to be helping, so I persist.

This photo was taken yesterday:

And this one I took just 10 minutes ago:

Much improved, yes?  She’s not happy at all about not being able to go outside.  But, even if I do end up letting her go outside occasionally, I am not doing any such thing at least until her leg is all healed.


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  1. oh man, i’m glad she is improving. how scary.


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