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Go, Blossom!

I can’t really rationalize why I get so excited when I hear about ‘stars’ homebirthing and breastfeeding their babies.  They are people, just as you and I, and there are people homebirthing and breastfeeding everyday, all around the world.

But, I can barely contain my giddiness when reading this update about Mayim Bialik’s new baby.  Maybe it’s because she talks about her baby being born in the caul, about her 3 year old being present, about how her baby is exclusively breastfed, or the fact that they actually have a photo of her nursing her baby in an Ergo!!!  But, all together, I now love Mayim even more than I ever knew.  🙂  Oh, and she also has a PhD in Neuroscience.


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  1. That is freakin’ awesome!!! I knew there was always a reason I enjoyed that corny show when I was young!!

  2. i am also a geek for loving hearing about things like that. because i think, the more it seems normal, the more people will get it. and happier families can only result from that.

  3. I know, I could care less about the celebrity world in general, but I was excited to see that too!

  4. I’m so jealous if this nursing while in a baby carrier. Being abundantly blessed in the chest department I never could manage that stuff!

    yay for cool chicks!


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