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Our homeschooling journey is still young, as my oldest is only 7 years old. We’ve basically been unschoolers up until now. I have been craving some more structure, and it sounds like River was as well. So, I decided to give Oak Meadow a go. We’ve only just begin (like, THIS week). We are doing 2nd grade, along with the 1st grade readers. I know it seems funny to start at a time when children are getting out of school (almost June now), but we take such a laid back approach, that I figure we will work through the whole 2nd grade in about a full year. When the sun is shining, our kids tend to spend their time outside, and I am cool with that. I am grateful that they have a place to roam, even if it is our little back yard in the middle of the city.

River has his own vegetable garden plot this year. He is very excited about this! So far, he’s planted potatoes and carrots, along with some calendula flowers. He really enjoys growing vegetables.


I’m hoping to bring this blog back to life. I’ll post picture and updates about what we are up to when I am able. Of course, the belly babe shown in my last post is now nearly 23 months old! We’ve been busy!


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