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Belly photos

I wish I had my pregnancy photos from River online. They are so starkly different this time around. I’m a bit heavier this time around, but my belly seriously popped out so much faster this time!

7 weeks pregnant (back in November)

7 weeks pregnant (back in November)

9 weeks and 1 day pregnant

9 weeks and 1 day pregnant

How I spent most of November, all of December, and most of January....

How I spent most of November, all of December, and most of January....

14 weeks pregnant.  January!

14 weeks pregnant. January!

17 weeks 1 day pregnant.

17 weeks 1 day pregnant.

And just because its too cute to pass up, here is a photo of River and Milo as we found them asleep one night:

River and Milo sleeping

I am almost 19 weeks now, and another picture is in order. My belly just keeps growing! The fact that all of my belly shots have me in my pjs? It hasn’t gone unnoticed by me. I’m hoping to remedy this, likely by having River take pictures of me during the day time.


Where I’ve been….

Mostly laying in bed, trying my best to not get sick.

I was sure that morning sickness wouldn’t hit me this pregnancy.  I’m not sure why I thought this.  But, anyhow, I was completely wrong.

It’s not the end of the world, and I feel ok enough as the day wears on.  But, the really bad thing is my inablity to cook….so my food options are VERY limited.  Walter isn’t a cook of any sort, so all he can do for me is make smoothies, toast, and frozen food.  I’m SO done with all of this food.

What I would really love for the next 2 months is a personal chef.

Waiting for the pox

It’s been 12 days since I exposed River (on purpose) to chicken pox.  This is our second attempt to have him catch the disease, so that he will then have life-long immunity.

I noticed he has a very mild fever tonight, so maybe (fingers crossed) he will start breaking out with spots in the next couple of days.  If it doesn’t work this time, I’m going to be convinced that chicken pox isn’t all that easy to catch, after all.

I can’t say that I am looking forward to him being sick and uncomfortable.  But, I do look forward to getting it done and out of the way while he is still young.  He will be 5 in two months.  I was 5 when I had it, and my sister caught it from me, and was 3 at the time.  I brought it home from kindergarten, I remember it so vividly!

I’m hoping to post some pictures and an update on his stauts in the next few days.

Dar la TETA es dar VIDA

(To give the breast is to give life)

Summer days

Today, I picked a 2 gallon bucketful of fresh green figs….for FREE. I posted a request for figs on craigslist, and I was connected with a woman in town who has a huge fig tree. She said that no one in her house liked them, so each year, she lets people into her back yard to pick as they life, free of charge. There weren’t near as many ripe ones as I would have liked, but I made do. I’m not complaining, when it comes to free figs!! The soft and mushy ripe ones became a batch of jam: 12 1/2 pints. The firmer ones in the process of becoming pickles as I type. I’ll can them tomorrow, after they’ve sat out for the night. I’ve never had a pickled fig, but from everything I have read, I’m in for a huge treat!

I’m starting to feel a sense of anxiety now that it is nearly mid August, since the growing season will be over soon. I’m hoping I can still find plums in the next week. I have a recipe for spicy Chinese plum sauce that I really want to try out. It’s going to be autumn before we know it.

I don’t have pictures of my figs from today; my batteries in my camera are dead. There was just enough power to download the pictures that have been sitting on the memory card, waiting to be uploaded. So, here are those:

cherry cobbler

cherry cobbler

Made from the cherries I previously wrote about. I used a slightly modified version of Heidi Swanson’s wonderful recipe. It was so delicious: not too sweet, not too bread-y, just PERFECT! I’ve since made 2 fresh blueberry cobblers. My modifications included using ‘flax-egg’ replacer for the egg, arrowroot in place of the cornstarch, coconut oil in place of the butter, and soy milk + 1 tsp apple cider vinegar in place of the buttermilk.

knex tow truck

knex tow truck

I thought this deserved a place on my blog, if only in homage to the HOURS it took Walter and I to put together. The directions were downloaded from the Knex website, and seemed simple enough. It took us about 2 hours to finish it, with minor interruptions of course.

chalk art

chalk art

River was so proud of his creation. He thought told me that he made ‘beautiful art!”. Chalk and a hammer can be a good combination.

using a marker to paint his face

using a marker to paint his face

I was busy in the kitchen when this happened. He had climbed up onto the counter, and got busy. You may not be able to tell, but he did a very good job, making sure his entire eye lids were colored. Luckily, the marker is washable (I don’t buy them otherwise). So, his face was cleaned up easily with a quick wipe down with a damp diaper.

Random update

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It has been a few days since I’ve updated this blog.

I’ve attended 2 births within a 3 day time period. Beautiful babies!!!

I’ve had 2 nights of full sleep in the last 5 days. And, I feel rested.

I’ve been working on my new website. (Don’t judge it just yet; I’m not done writing a few of the pages, and I need to fix some formatting problems, add some pictures, etc).

I made 2 pints of Russian pickled cherries, now aging in the fridge for a month.

We went blueberry picking again.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that River didn’t catch chicken pox. Oh well; we’ll try again some other time.

I began reading a new book.

I repaired our inflatable pool and this morning, scrubbed it out and began filling it. It’s going to be a HOT day today.

I’ve been thinking about my answers to MN’s meme.

I’ve been informed by River that he doesn’t just want a new brother OR sister; he wants ‘a brother AND a sister: TWINS!’ I’ll keep his request in mind.


We are headed to the library today to renew our membership. I had let it lapse, since it costs $60/year. River was still able to check out a limited number of books, I could check out ONE adult book on my card. But because trips to the library aren’t enjoyable to me when we have to limit what we can check out, I’ve avoided going for the last few months, and I miss it. I miss having stacks of books to flip through, books on tapes, and new music. So, today, I’ll be fixing the situation, and giving the library $60 in addition to whatever late fines I owe at the moment. It’s worth it.

Is it coming?

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Every morning, I search River’s body over for the tiniest spot.  I feel his forehead throughout the day, hoping for a fever.

It’s been 14 days since he swapped a lollipop with my friend’s son.  Now, we are waiting, hoping.

For the pox.