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Go, Blossom!

I can’t really rationalize why I get so excited when I hear about ‘stars’ homebirthing and breastfeeding their babies.  They are people, just as you and I, and there are people homebirthing and breastfeeding everyday, all around the world.

But, I can barely contain my giddiness when reading this update about Mayim Bialik’s new baby.  Maybe it’s because she talks about her baby being born in the caul, about her 3 year old being present, about how her baby is exclusively breastfed, or the fact that they actually have a photo of her nursing her baby in an Ergo!!!  But, all together, I now love Mayim even more than I ever knew.  🙂  Oh, and she also has a PhD in Neuroscience.


Dar la TETA es dar VIDA

(To give the breast is to give life)

Autumn Goodness

I am just loving the season change. It is just tremendous! The rain, the leaves, the sweaters, the root vegetables……I love it!!

Here is a picture back from Halloween that I had meant to post and never got around to. (River is dancing).

Things have been quite lately. We had a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving. A sweet baby boy was born early in the morning, and I came home, caught a few hours of sleep, and then got busy cooking up some yummy food. My mom and sister joined River and I (as Walter was out of town visiting his siblings). It was sweet. Then they went home, and River and I were in bed by 8pm. I was just exhausted!

I feel very introverted right now. So much to think about. The very precious time that we have on this earth. What really matters in the end. Sometimes I find myself being the mother to River that I don’t want to act like. It frightens me. Those moments serve to wake me up and remember what is important.

Speaking of what is important, I have been really fantasizing about simplifying my life. I don’t just mean in the physical sense, but in the day-to-day duties way. Too much of my time (and thoughts) are spent doing things for other people (that are not my family). By starting to really visualize what I want my life to look like this time next year, I am able to start to weed through the time-wasters in my life. It’s all a process.

But, for now, in the present, I am going to nurse my guy right now. Ah.

Breastfeeding Is Not Bad For Baby’s Teeth

When will someone tell the dentists themselves this information???

“The scientists concluded that there is no evidence that breastfeeding or its duration are independent risk factors for early childhood tooth decay, severe early childhood caries (tooth decay), or decayed and filled surfaces on primary teeth.”